Our Services

At Spot On Kids, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best therapy care and services to children and young people.  We use play, fun and engaging activities that will encourage your child to learn, participate in school activities, make friends and become independent.

Our aim is simple – to enable children to grow, learn, develop, socialise and play so that they can reach their full potential.

Our dedicated, innovative, caring and experienced therapists build meaningful and therapeutic relationships with children, their families and other professionals that may work with them to maximise health, function, communication and independence.   If required and with your consent, we will liaise with your NHS and educational professionals as effective communication and collaboration with families and the professional team around the child ensures maximum effectiveness and the best possible outcomes.

How Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy may be delivered:

  • Individual sessions
  • Small groups with other children working on the same or similar difficulties
  • Joint speech and language therapy and occupational therapy groups
  • Personal programme written and modelled for support staff
  • Training of people working with a child
  • Class strategies and plans of approach to scaffold learning