Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapists at Spot On Kids, work with children with a range of difficulties around communication.  We work with speech (e.g. speech sounds), language (words and sentences) and communication (e.g. attention, listening and interaction skills).

What can we offer?

  •  Support in identifying speech, language and communication needs
  •  Assessment of speech, language and communication needs
  •  Targeted intervention for those identified with needs this could be delivered in a 1:1 session or a group
  •  Workshops and training for educational professionals

Our Values

Achieving proficiency in speech, language and communication is fundamental to a child’s learning, future happiness, social adjustment, emotional stability and self-esteem.  These skills enable them to achieve their potential and make positive contributions to their community. We believe that effective communication and collaboration with families and the professional team around the child ensures maximum effectiveness and the best possible outcomes.  

How intervention may be delivered:

  •  Groups with other children working on the same or similar difficulties
  •  Individual sessions
  •  Personal programme written and modelled for support staff
  •  Training of people working with a child
  •  Class strategies and plans of approach to scaffold learning

Where we work

  •  Schools (mainstream and special schools)
  •  Children’s Centres and Nurseries
  •   Home Interventions

Useful resources

Talking Point is the first stop for information on children’s communication

National Literacy Trust – Talk to your baby (bilingual advice sheets)

Afasic  helps children and young adults who are affected by the hidden disability of speech, language and communication impairments

British Stammering Association is your first point of contact for impartial information and support on stammering

National Autistic Society is a UK charity for people with autism and their families